Moving forward

I shared this on FB. Meaning leads to happiness. I want to help my mother live more comfortably. I also derive meaning from being a joy to others. My 2 favourite boys may not know the full extent of my love towards them. And I also want to be a better boyfriend in future. To whoever my future girlfriend may be, I want to be better equipped to support you.

Thus, for now, what I find meaningful in life is to earn money, do housework, and to lose weight and build a muscular body. That will open up doors in future.

Starting on a new job selling accounting software. Though it isn’t easy, it can lead to an increase in income if I work hard. I am sure that if I approach 100 companies, one will buy.

Next year, hopefully my mother can have an easier job. With her CPF withdrawal and my earnings, it should be good. I believe my life will be a lot better about one year from now. Shall work hard towards it.

Cold calling every weekday morning, working out thrice a week for the first month and then increasing it to 4 times per week. My short term goal is 3 mths. Hope to earn 6k and to lose 12kg.

May my name be linked to accounting. My company provides accounting services and accounting software. A referral fee of 10 to 20% is up for grabs if anyone refers a company to me.


About Shaunow

25. ISFP. Empath. Am I the only one who struggles with everyday life?
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